Forgiveness is work

It takes time and requires us to go deep into our hearts. My life has been filled with opportunities to forgive. When you suffer through difficult relationships and get hurt over and over..forgiveness becomes a theme in your life. I won’t say that it has always been easy. In fact.. it has been very challenging. The deeper the hurt and the longer it continues the more work it takes to let go. We can find many real reasons to hold on to our feelings of anger and resentment.

God started dealing with me about this many years ago when something very unfair happened in a church setting. I was treated very poorly by the people I trusted the most. During that time I heard God speak to my heart. I wanted comfort and understanding but His word to me was “watch out for bitterness.” I am so glad He said that. Hurt that is inflicted by those who call themselves believers is terribly painful and disillusioning. It can turn us away from the body of Christ and drive us away from the community of faith.

Yes..forgiveness is work. It requires us to go to God with our pain over and over again lay down our right to be angry. The alternative is a heavy that has a hard time trusting anyone. Unforgiveness leads to isolation and loneliness. Only God help us process through the pain and only He can give us compassion and understanding for those who have hurt us.

God has changed my life through my understanding of this process. He wants to do the same thing for you. Check your heart. Is there unresolved pain hidden away? Let Him take you deep and don’t be afraid. Trust that His love for you is more than enough.

“Humanly speaking it is impossible . But not with God. Everything is possible with God.”


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