Safe and Secure

Do you feel this way? No? Let’s look at this for a moment. What exactly does it mean? In our culture we define security by external things..a home, car, food, clothes, and money. If we have all these things we are supposed to feel secure. It doesn’t work that way. Most of us have all these things and more. Not all of us feel secure. Many of us feel insecure and worried much more often than we feel safe and secure.

Our external circumstances are not enough to make us feel secure. Everything we have can be taken from us at any time..deep down everyone knows this is true. We read headlines every day that remind here is fragile..people lose everything in a split second. There is no stability to be found in this turbulent world. Yet..we keeep turning there for reassurance.

Trials reveal this truth to our hearts. We are vulnerable here on earth. Our health can deteriorate, our money might disappear, our jobs may end, friends and family disappoint here is far from perfect. What are our choices? We have one important one that we need to make every day. We can choose to put our hope in God. He is unchanging..the shelter in every storm..our safe harbor. He will rescue us when we need it and comfort us when we are desperate. We can choose to run to Him and trust Him and remember that all this is fleeting.

We are safe and secure here..because of Him. He protects us and provides for us as we walk with Him. If we choose the things of this world we will be filled with insecurity, unbelief, and worry. That is not God’s best for us. He is our sanctuary and our resting place.

” And I am convinced that nothing can ever separate us from God’s love…neither our fears for today or our worries about tomorrow…nothing in all creation will every be able to separate us from the love of God that is revealed in Jesus Christ our Lord.”

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