Surprising Moments

Life is full of them. Moments that we never expected to experience. Moments that take our breath away. Some of these may be moments of obvious blessing..a new baby is old friend shows up unexpectedly..a gift appears when we need it most..a book speaks to our deepest needs. Other moments may not seem so wonderful when they first appear. We could be asked to confront a challenging relationship or to speak truth when it might cause pain. God may surprise us with opportunities to do things that we would never embrace without Him.

He is not predictable and neither is our life with Him. We can always take the easy way out. If we are writing our own story than that is exactly what we will do. He never forces us to do anything. Our natural tendency is to protect ourselves from pain. We can become very good at avoiding any situation that will stir up unresolved grief or open old wounds. We believe that we are protecting our hearts when in reality we are running from the healing that God is eager to bring into our lives.

The road that leads to healing is filled with moments that don’t make sense to our human minds. God speaks to us in a quiet voice telling us to do the very thing that scares us to death. He orchestrates the very circumstances that will cause us to re-visit the past and open up those unhealed wounds. He tells us to be courageous and to trust Him when our well-being is threatened. He promises to comfort us and to strengthen us as we face these challenges.

God is not timid and He calls us to take risks with Him. As we are willing to venture out into the unknown with Him, He is protecting us. His Spirit is surrounding us. He wants us to embrace these surprising moments with faith..praying for wisdom to receive all that He has for us. Are you facing one of these challenges? Which path are you taking? The one of least resistance? Are you reminding yourself that He is with you? Follow Him..Receive healing..Don’t be afraid.

” Do not be afraid! Don’t be discouraged by this mighty army, for the battle is not yours, but God’s.”

2 thoughts on “Surprising Moments

  1. Thanks Sarah.. Just finished catching up with your blog. The theme of courage and His strength..not ours seem to be coming up again and again. We are His and He is ours!

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