The pull of the culture..

This theme keeps popping up for my thought my heart. The culture is constantly pulling at us..trying to pull us away from God. There is pressure that comes just from living in a world where values and morals are disappearing. A culture that elevates fame and fortune above all else. We are fish swimming upstream. Going against the flow.

As believers we often desire to live big lives. How do we define big? Usually in numbers..big churches…big ministries..big bank accounts. Isn’t there a voice that says that all this matters. Have we failed  if we if we don’t have any of these things? In God’s kingdom it is not important. He is not impressed by the ” big” impact we are having. He looks at the details.

God is personal and He takes each person seriously..desiring to come into relationship with each of us one by one. There is a lesson in that for us. We are to live one day at a encounter at a relationship at a time.. person at a moment at a time. Each moment here is a gift.. each person in our lives is a gift. As we turn away from the false values the culture thrusts at us and turn towards the face of God He will teach us to live His way with his priorities and His values. They are counter intuitive and very freeing. Living fully every day..thanking Him for every opportunity and leaving the bigger picture to Him.

” If anyone love Me, he will keep my word. My Father will love him, and We will come to him and make Our home with him.”

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