“Capable of being physically or emotionally wounded; open to attack or damage.” This is the definition  of vulnerability from an online dictionary. We can be wounded and the enemy can attack us. So.. it is difficult to want to be vulnerable. We put ourselves way out on a ledge. Our hearts are exposed. Our struggles are revealed. Yet God calls us to be this way with Him and with one another. What is He thinking?

He knows that each of us has a deep need to be known. To be accepted. To be loved for who we truly are. If we are not vulnerable this will not happen. When we hide our deepest struggles and our need for others..we are not truly living in community. Unfortunately this pattern is found in many families and in churches. People are hiding. Playing it safe. Putting on a front. Why? Fear. Fear of rejection..judgment..isolation..maybe fear of appearing to be human. We want to be perfect. To model all those things we associate with the Christian life..our own preconceived ideas of what God wants from us. Performance based living. Perfectionism with impossible standards.  None of this is from God.

He knows us inside and out. Our lives are an open book. We cannot hide from Him. He is delighted when we share our struggles and our need for Him. His eyes are on us and His heart is for us. He wants us to know that He is pleased with us. How do we experience this? We trust Him by being vulnerable with Him and with others. His spirit brings comfort and understanding and we begin to know that He loves us deeply just the way we are. Our intimacy with Him grows deeper and our identity depends more and more upon God..not our own view of ourselves. We are receiving the Grace of God..realizing that He is with us and for us.

” For the Lord has comforted His people and will have compassion on them in their suffering.”

 ” I would not forget you. See I have written your name on the palms of my hands.”


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