The End of Summer

We are approaching the end of Summer..transitioning into Fall. As this season ends there is a sense that something new is around the next corner. We never know exactly what that means. We can be sure the leaves will fall off the trees and the sun will be lower on the horizon. The mornings and evenings will be cooler. We may have to turn on the heater and wear warm slippers. Its time to make soup again. Autumn is arriving.

The seasons of our lives are similar. We are entering an Autumn season. A time when we sense new things on the horizon..possibilities..opportunities. It may be a time to let go as well. To realize that the warm sunny days..maybe the less challenging days.. are coming to a close. What does God have in mind? He isn’t just asking us to trust Him as we watch the leaves dry up and fall to the ground. Some vision or idea may be drying up for us as well..He is taking us in a new direction. Transitions require flexibility and willingness. Allowing Him to take us down the path that He has prepared..leaving behind all our own ideas.. knowing that His are far better.

Say good-bye to Summer. Greet Fall with open arms. Remember that God longs to take you somewhere that you have never been. He wants to do new things in you and around you. If you have been waiting..start believing that He is working on your behalf getting ready to bring the answer. He  is with you in all seasons..caring for your heart and remembering your deepest desires.

“Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and He will give you everything you need.”

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