Hummingbird Lessons

We have a hummingbird feeder on our deck along with many plants they enjoy. I planted each one with them in mind..sort of a hummingbird paradise. The other morning I was sitting in my living room watching them. Just imagining their delight as they move from plant to plant savouring all the different flavors of the flowers. My heart was overflowing as I saw the way they loved the garden.

 These birds are so small and they need so much food to survive.. isn’t it amazing that they make it at all? How do they continue to find provision.. their tiny bodies flitting from one place to another. Suddenly I saw the picture that God was showing me. We are like these tiny little gems. In the larger scheme of things we are very small and our needs are great. We cannot provide all we need for ourselves..we must rely on Him to lead us and guide us in order to survive. 

In the same way I created a paradise for these birds..God is creating one for us. It is not evident all the time..but we get glimpses. Have you ever enjoyed a perfect afternoon at the beach? A walk in the morning with the sun shining and birds singing? An hour in your favorite chair reading a really good book? A call from a friend right when you need it? An unexpected gift that came at exactly the right moment? God is providing for us.. all the time. He is planting that garden and watching us as we delight in His love for us.

My feelings for those hummingbirds and my desire to give them a beautiful place don’t come close to what God feels for us. He is passionate about us and longs to meet us in the deepest places. He creates beauty for us..He gives us unexpected gifts and He will always make sure that we have what we need. He watches each of us and knows every struggle and trial..His heart is filled with compassion and He wants us to know He is with us.

I have loved you, my people, with an everlasting love. With unfailing love I have drawn you to myself.”

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