Turning Points

There are times in our lives when we come to turning points. It can be dramatic..our circumstances change quickly and we have to adapt and go in a new direction. Other shifts are more subtle. We realize that we need to begin moving in a new direction in our lives..the old one is either disappearing or not working anymore. God is speaking..saying that He wants us to try something new..to move out of our comfort zone and take a risk..to push the boundaries of our life out further..into new territory.

I am not a natural risk taker..more of a homebody..someone who likes stability and structure.. maybe you are the same way. At the same time..I can sense when it is time to move forward..I may dig my heels in..but I would rather take risks with God than be stuck. There is no standing still..we are either slipping backwards or moving ahead. Passivity and life with God are incompatible. He is always calling us to new things. The beautiful part is that He is also equipping us to do these new things. We have the Holy Spirit to enable us each and every time.

The same spirit that we know as the Comforter and the Encourager is the one who came to give us everthing we need in our life with God. We are not relying on our own strength or natural abilities. Yes..God gives us gifts and those gifts are to be used..but more importantly..He gives us Himself. We have the spirit of God in us.. working through us and using us. So..that turning point is not so scary after all.. He is with us and there is nothing in front of us that He does not already see.

Is He asking you to do something new? Are your circumstances calling you out of your comfort zone? Are you overwhelmed with insecurity and anxiety? Is fear keeping you from moving? Remember He is going to give you everything you need for every situation and circumstance. He will not leave you or disappoint you. He is your God and He loves you.

“And remember, I am with you each and every day until the end of the age.”

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