Not of this world

The kingdom of God is not of this world. Jesus said this to Pilate before He was sentenced to death. Do we understand what He meant by that phrase? ..not of this world? One thing that we can know for sure is that there is another kingdom beside the one that seems so real to us. There is more than daily life on earth. We can be blind to that..this all seems so real and so important.  But He says there is more..

In God’s kingdom everything makes sense..our humanness can get in the way..we put so much emphasis on our own observations and our own understanding of circumstances and relationships. God is interrupting this and opening up a new way of looking at these same things.  If we let Him He will show us how He sees things and what He is doing. He wants us to be involved in His activity and His unfolding plan for our lives and for the lives of those around us.

We need to stand still and wait and pray. We have to come to the end of ourselves over and over. As we lay down our own judgments and ideas..He is free to show us new things. In an instant He can reveal something we would never figure out in a million years. Our God is able to provide a clear path in a chaotic world. He has no problem guiding us through the maze of life. Our problem is we live in unbelief..fear..anxiety and distrust. We have made Him too small.

Give Him a chance to come into your life in a bigger reveal His kingdom to guide and direct your steps. He loves you and He is waiting for you to ask, seek, and knock.

 “Don’t let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God and trust also in Me…I am the way, the truth and the life.”

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