A very popular word these days. What exactly are we talking about when we apply this to our own lives. It implies openesss..honesty..transparency..with God and with others. The challenge is knowing when we need to bring things out in relationships and when we need to just take these things to the Lord. Healthy relationships require a certain level of honesty..but that does not mean all the details of our lives need to be aired out with others. There is a place where we find balance. Our culture does not help us in this area. Technology makes the details of everyone’s life fair game.

We are able to read about the private lives of others in great the news..on my space.. or facebook..even on twitter. It makes us feel like we know others so well..but do we? Not really. There is only one way to really know another human being..spend time with deeply..interact with each other. We all crave this type of relationship..everyone wants to be be be valued. The busyness of our lives and social networking can drive us away from true relationship and cause us to feel isolated and forgotten.

God has more for us than this. He is still personal and intimate and deep. He continues to crave true relationship with us and He desires that we have this with each other. True authenticity..not just airing out our problems in front of others..but caring deeply and fully for another person’s heart. His plan is the same as it always was. He is not influenced by the movement of the culture or the media. He knows each of us personally and fully and He desires that we know each other in that same way.

” I am the good shepherd; I know my own sheep, and they know me, just as my Father knows me and I know the Father.”

For you..from me!

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