Do you like them? I do.. I love being surprised by God. The way He interrupts our lives and gives us things we never expected. We may have decided that He has forgotten us and that the things that matter to us are not really important to Him. We are all guilty of that type of thinking.. unbelief..doubt.. lack of faith.. up..believing the worst. God is not stopped by those things..He continues to work behind the scenes to surprise us with the very things we think He has forgotten. He remembers all of it. Every desire..every longing..every passion of our hearts. His memory is flawless and all these things matter to Him..because of His great love for us.

Waiting can drain is a huge obstacle when it comes to trusting God. Often we hear Him saying “no” when in reality He is saying “wait.” Our culture does not value waiting and we are constantly exposed to instant gratification. Don’t wait..check your phone..your email.. find out everything now..instant answers are available.. read twitter..tell everyone everything right now. Technology is causing us to become even more impatient. God tells us the opposite. He wants us to wait on wait for wait with expectancy and learn while believe that He is trust know that His heart is for us even if He seems to be moving too slow for us.

God is going to surprise you. I don’t know when or how..but I do know He will. His heart is for you. He remembers you. He will meet you in this season in ways that you don’t expect as you trust in Him and believe His promises. He loves you and He loves surprises more than we do!

“Yet I am confident I will see the Lord’s goodness while I am in the land of the living.”

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