The Rescuer

Can you remember all the times in your life when you were rescued? I can’t. There are some vivid memories for me because I took some risks that were very costly. God was present rescuing me even before I knew that He loved me. Think back on times when things happened and somehow you got through made it..they are behind didn’t weren’t always had enough to eat and clothes to wear. He has been there for you over and over again and I just bet if you think hard enough you will begin to see a pattern.

The pattern I am talking about is God’s faithfulness to you in every season. His ability to rescue you from difficult circumstances. He is there for us even when our fears and unbelief overwhelm us..they don’t overwhelm Him. Isn’t it amazing that His love is not stopped by our lack of faith? I never get used to that idea. He is greater..different..mysterious..more than..divinity..above all. He undergirds us and catches us when we fall. Our history with Him tells us that He was there in each and every moment of our lives.

The key is to stop and remember all of this. Take a half hour and think back over your life. I promise you if you do will be amazed at what you see. Not only was He there when you were in trouble and when you were not..He is with you today..holding you and loving you. He will never leave you nor will He fail you.

“Sing to the Lord, for He has done wonderful things.”

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