Under the weather..

What is the origin of this saying? Turns out that it came from sailors needing to take refuge in the bow of the ship in order to get away from the weather..time to recover and rest away from the sea and the wind. It seems to me we all need times when we are under the weather. We may not want these times..since the expression implies that we are not feeling well..fighting a virus or something. Yet.. these may be important for our well-being.

We live such rushed lives..filled with demands..responsibilites and activities. How do we get out from under all of it? Is it OK to pull away and hide out in the bow of the boat for a day or two? Or maybe just an hour or two? I think so. Time to be restored..to re-visit the past..to remember what He has done for us. Time to be alone and seek guidance for the next step. Time that is not filled..free time. 

When I pull away from all the activity I notice that God’s peace is easier to access. Suddenly the stillness of the moment floods over me and I realize that it is OK just to be. Have you had that experience lately?  Time that belongs to you..for resting, for refreshment, noticing beauty, realizing that you are safe with Him? Time to reflect and be thankful. Do you need that today? Take it and enjoy it. He is pleased when you do.

“Come to me all, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, I will give you rest…the burden I give you is light.”

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