Just enough light for…

One step. Yes…one step. The next step. We often only have enough light for one step. That means that all the other steps we will take are not visible and probably not as important as the one we need to take right now. No one can tell you what your next step is..only God knows and He wants you to live in the moment taking that step holding on to Him.

It is not our nature to be that trusting. We all have baggage from past experiences that says we should know exactly what we are getting into. The truth is we can’t live the life of faith and know the future at the same time. Life with God is risky. He wants us to rely on Him.. that means trusting that He is in the darkness ahead of you..preparing the way. Your responsibility is to draw near to Him..reach out to Him..believe in His goodness..trust in what you know about His character. His part is everything else…Everything else? Are you crazy? Isn’t there more for me to do? NO. Go where He leads you. Take the next step and then as He gives you more light take another step and be amazed at how He will meet you time and time again.

He is really good at this..trust me. He never fails to reward us for our faith..He brings encouragement when we need it and He has a wonderful plan that will unfold as you begin to realize that He is for you..He is with you..He loves you..He longs to give good gifts to you..His arms reach out for you..Our Great God!

” I am the light of the world. If you follow me, you won’t have to walk in darkness, because you will have the light that leads to life.”

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