Always waiting..

Do you feel like you are always waiting? I do. The truth is we are…always waiting for something or someone. Life on earth requires us to wait and many of us do not do it well. We want the waiting to be over.. someday it will be. Meanwhile waiting is required. We can learn so much while we are waiting or we can dream up our own negative scenarios that make the waiting a terrible experience.

We are challenged to wait with an attitude of gratefulness. To be thankful for the way God has blessed our lives. We live in a culture that is always wanting more..just look at what greed has done in America..what a tragedy. It is no surprise that we feel like we never have enough. We are programmed by TV and other media to be discontent.. to long for a life we will never have. A life filled with perfect people and things..a life of ease..without worry..with all the money we could ever want..a life that does not exist..a life that is empty..a life that tempts us to focus on the wrong things.

Yes waiting is difficult..But there is much to be learned in the waiting room. I see these words written on the walls of that, peace, patience, perseverance, mercy, grace, gentleness, and self-control. Don’t give up..don’t let go of the desires that God has given you. At the same time don’t forget to learn the things He is teaching you through the waiting. His timing is unique and perfect..based on things we cannot comprehend. His ways are not our ways..

” Let your roots grown down into Him and let your lives be built on Him. Then your faith will grow strong in the truth you were taught and you will overflow with thankfulness.”

2 thoughts on “Always waiting..

  1. I very often hear God’s voice speaking to me through the words in your blog. Yes, he is with us, and it is worth the wait as his plan unfolds for us. I pray for His goodness and grace to surround you. ♥ ♫

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