All of it..

Yes..all of it..every bit.. all things..every experience..every disappointment..every situation..every moment of every day. It all matters to God and it all adds up to something. We may not see it clearly while we are living it..sometimes He gives us a glimpse of His plan.. other times we cannot understand it at all. He uses it all for good. Our life is being lived out for higher purposes..His purposes.

Does that sound scary..God’s we don’t matter? It may sound that way but that is not the truth. We matter..our lives matter..above all else our hearts matter to Him. Our life experiences change us..they enable us to have compassion and understanding for others.  We are connected to one another to share these experiences and to encourage one another as we remember God’s goodness. His faithfulness and love for us is evident as we trust Him with our lives. I am continually amazed at how God brings people into my life who are experiencing something that I have experienced in my life. He connects me to people who need to know that He will take them through to the other side.

I am able to say He will rescue you..only because He continues to rescue me. Not because I have been rescued and now I am fine..actually just the opposite. He has saved me over and over and I will need that again and again as I run the race. The need is never gone..we never arrive..that is not the life we have here. He is continually catching us when we fall..He is always reaching out to us as we pull away. He reminds us that He is with us. He is revealing Himself to us through those who love us..through His creation..through the words in the Bible. We serve a God who uses all of bring glory to His name and to change us into His likeness.

“We can cry out to you to save us and you will hear us and rescue us.”

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