God gave us the ability to cry. He created us with the capacity to shed tears. There is a reason for this..we need to release the pain. We must grieve our losses.. to feel the hurt even if it happened long ago. Tears bring relief. Tears are cleansing and tears bring healing. Why is it hard to believe this? Maybe because we don’t feel in control when we are crying. Sometimes it feels so bad we wonder if we will ever stop. Tears are beautiful reminders that we are human..that we need God..that our hearts are not hardened.

Some people hide their tears..some cannot shed any tears..some condemn those that cry. Children come into the world crying and we do everything we can do to stop their tears..maybe too much. Their tiny hearts feel things deeply..they are in touch with their disappointments and their losses. They know that their tears need to flow..they have not learned to cover up their pain. If only we could go back..

If we are to experience life fully..authentically.. not holdiing back.. there will be tears. If we are entering in without reservations..there will be tears. If we are following after Him..there will be tears. If we are laying down our lives..there will be tears. While we are here..there will be tears.

This is not the whole story..Thank God! There are times when we experience joy, peace, and amazing grace. Times when the sun shines through the darkness and we know all is well. There are seasons when we are filled with thanksgiving..when we sing with our whole hearts..when we know we are His. The journey is rich and rewarding.. the abundant life..filled with sorrow and gladness. Our life with God..a great adventure.

“I tell you the truth anyone who does not receive the Kingdom of God like a child will never enter it.”

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