The next corner..

Ever wonder what is around the next corner? I do. I would love a peek at what is waiting there. Unfortunately that is not life with God. He loves surprises and He enjoys giving us unexpected gifts. His larger plan is a mystery and I believe He likes it that way. Not because He wants to torture us..but because He wants to unfold it little by little as we trust Him. My life has been filled with so many twists and many surprises..I am amazed when I look back and see what I have been through. How did I get through it all Lord? His answer is ” I have been with you..holding on to you..preparing the way for you..taking care of you..providing for all of your needs..always looking after you.” Yes..I can see that so clearly now.

When I was in the middle of many of those experiences I thought they would never end. Spiritual amnesia..we all have it. We forget to remember that He has taken us through so much..He has carried us..healed us..His presence has sustained us. Our present trials cloud all this..we are tempted to fear the expect the past to repeat hide from Him. We have this history so that we can run to Him and so we can be hopeful..filled with faith that He is for us.

The present may be very challenging..a trial may be around the next corner..we just don’t know. The only thing we do know is that He is with us..He cares for us..we belong to Him..He is our redeemer..the lover of our souls. He will protect us..lead us and comfort us. Our God is able to do much more for us than we can ever imagine.. He is in the eye of the storm..a peaceful refuge..

“He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow… His ways are not our ways..With God all things are possible.”

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