Summertime and the living is easy..Lyrics to an old song are going through my head. Oh how I wish that were the case..when exactly is living easy? I can’t find that word in the just isn’t in there. When we were children it seemed so true..long summers without sunshine..lazy days…time to responsibilities. Didn’t we wish that they would never end? Those summers are much harder to find now. Life does not stand still..responsibilities may lessen but they don’t may be few and far between.. clouds may be covering the sky every morning..the news is still filled with tragedies and life continues to hold its challenges.

Summer still has its perfect moments…when the sights and smells of childhood come rushing in. Let’s grab those perfect moments and let them refresh us in the midst of the trials and struggles.  Life continues to unfold..worries do not disappear..relationships still take is not easy. God is moving and doing new things that interrupt our plans and ideas. He is drawing us to Himself through the idyllic moments and through the incredibly challenging ones..all of it is from Him.

Here are some surprising lyrics from that same song:

“One of these mornings
You’re going to rise up singing
Then you’ll spread your wings
And you’ll take to the sky”

Sounds like a reminder of our eternal destiny to me..a place where endless summers are a reality and the pressures of this life are no longer weighing on us..

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