God misrepresented..

God is often misrepresented from the front of churches.. by His people..in Christian books..by the media. It happens all the time in our culture. If we are going to experience Him the way He truly is then we have to go beyond the images of Him that are painted by others. His desire is to reveal His true nature and character to us.. He uses so many creative ways to do this. It may come through the Bible or through encounters with people.. it often comes when we live through a terrible struggle. However we receive it.. it is His plan to reveal Himself to His people.

Many misconceptions about God become obstacles in our relationship with Him. If we think of Him as having a great big book of rules and standards that we must live up to..we are doomed. If we believe that He punishes us when we fail..we may as well quit right now. If we are continually trying to reach for perfection.. trying to conjure up more faith..it’s all over for us. If we believe we have blown it too much.. made so many mistakes..surely He can’t bless us.. we lose all hope. He is nothing like that! All the people in the book made big mistakes..none of them came close to living the perfect Christian life..their stories are reminders that God is a compassionate..forgiving..understanding..loving..accepting..grace filled God.

Some of us once knew this and have lost sight of it. Others have yet to discover this truth.  He is not a harsh task master nor is He a blessing machine. He is so much more. His love for you overflows from a heart that is never going to get tired or grow weary. He is the source of living water.. sent to bring you life. A life that is rich and abundant.

If you can’t see Him clearly..take time to pray..ask Him to reveal His true nature to you. Begin to receive new revelations of His beauty and grace..His unending..amazing..life-giving love for you. Let go of the other pictures you have in your mind and make room for new ones. He is longing to show you Himself in new ways that will set you free to love Him and live for Him.

” For the Lord is the Spirit and wherever the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom.”


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