Living with disappointment

Disappointments are inevitable. Our lives are not perfect. We face things that we would never choose for ourselves. From the beginning of our lives we long for perfection. Listen to a child describe their next birthday party, family vacation or visit to a friend’s home. In their minds.. it will be perfect..their imaginations dream up the very best picture of the whole event. We do the same thing as adults.

Isn’t easy to picture a life that is full of perfect money relational problems..a perfect unexpected tragedies? It all sounds so good. This is not the life we are living matter how much we might wish it were that way..Nothing is perfect here including us. Yet in the midst of this challenging world God waits to come near. He does not promise to remove the pain.. He promises to be with us in the middle of it. He never says anything about having an ideal life.. He says ” in this world you will have trouble.” He knows.

Each and every hard thing is an opportunity to draw near to the one who remains the same. As you run along the  path that leads to God when you are hurting.. that path will become an old friend. You will crave that moment when you can crawl up and sit in His lap.. tell Him all about your deepest desires and your biggest disappointments. He will meet you in His mysterious way..bringing comfort..encouragment..hope and peace. He will renew your strength providing faith for the future. Run towards Him..He is your safe place.

“He will be gracious if you ask for help. He will surely respond to the sound of your cries..”

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