Behind the scenes..

What is going on behind the scenes of our lives? What happens daily in our homes? Behind closed doors? A big question in this very complicated and dysfunctional world. If you are a celebrity your every move and mistake is publicized. You can’t open a web page without seeing a new crisis in the life of one of our ” heroes.” I always wonder if they think it is worth it..being in the public eye and having no privacy.. living for fame and money.  I suppose their answer must be yes..otherwise they would walk away. What about us..what are the priorities in our lives? Our choices are different.. we may have no opportunity for fame and fortune.

There are famous Christian leaders.. some of them make lots of money.. they are often looked up to within Christian circles. Many of them are no different from other celebrities..they may have loftier moral standards and appear to live more upright lives..but we really don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. God does. He sees it all. He is not impressed by the rich and famous.

Our lives matter to matter how small our sphere of influence. He is not after the big splash..the huge impact..the large numbers. He is a God of intimacy.. a personal God that enters into relationship with each of us by one. His heart is elated when one of us chooses to live fully for Him. Jesus met and ministered to individuals one by one when He was on earth..the crowds did not impress Him.. He was looking for the person who needed His touch.

Consider your life..every day is precious to God. Every relationship you have matters to Him. He is not counting the number of people you impact or the amount of time you give to ministry. He is concerned about what is going on behind the scenes in your heart and mind. He loves you as though there is no one else in the world. He understands your mistakes and recognizes your struggles.. His heart is aching to comfort and encourage you when you need it. Live fully.. trust God..give when you are able..keep growing..know that He is with you.

” Seek the Kingdom of God above all else and He will give you everything you need.”

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