No place like home..

Yes..I think that there is truth in this old saying. Especially if you enjoy the place where you live. I have lived in a variety of places throughout my lifetime and some of these places were far from perfect. But each place became my home. Home is the place where we can let ourselves. If our home is not a safe and secure place.. something may be very wrong. I spent many years trying to be safe with an unsafe person.. I never really felt at home during that time.. I was always longing for that feeling but never finding it. All of that is over now and I treasure the peace I experience in my own home.

Sometimes the turmoil we are experiencing comes from inside our own hearts. We wrestle with past memories.. disappointments..unmet expectations..unfulfilled longings. When that happens it may not really matter where we are..things are just not the way we wish they were. The only answer during that time is to run into the arms of God.. to find our peaceful moments in His rest in His cry on His shoulder. The world we live in is far from perfect and our security is always at risk. Everything that makes us feel safe is temporary..the Lord is really our only safe place and He is our true home. Someday we will understand this in a greater way.

So while you are here..make your home into a sanctuary..a safe place..a restful place..a place that reflects who you are and a place where you can feel comfortable. Find a place in your home to sit with shake off the weariness..a place to lay down your burdens. You need this and you deserve it.. God desires to meet you and renew your strength.. He longs to refresh you and to revive your tired heart.

” He is the lover of your soul.”

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