When I think of summer.. I always remember the summers I spent at the beach with my family. I loved those times..we were relaxing and just hanging out. I loved the smell of the ocean.. the sound of the birds.. the red tide that made the water flourescent..the long days..the red licorice..the ice cream and the world’s best pizza. We were suddenly away from our regular work or school..only play and time together. I wanted that summer vacation to last forever.  Sometimes I still do.

Looking back I believe it was a combination of things that I longed for. Beauty, peace, rest, relaxation, and unscheduled time. These are still important to me.. and I hope they are to you. We need to break away from our regular be renewed..restored and encouraged. Time apart. It may not be a month at the beach..or even a week at the beach.. maybe a day or even a few hours in a beautiful place..time for yourself.. time to be soak in God’s creation..time to forget being busy and accomplishing things. Time to reflect..time to know that God is good and the beauty here is for our enjoyment.

Find a way to enjoy the summer..take time for a walk ..enjoy a sunset.. make time to appreciate the beauty all around you. Summer is a season and it will end..the next season may hold new opportunities and challenges.. rest while you can..when you can.

“The heavens proclaim the glory of God..the skies display His craftsmanship.”

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