I try to make my home a sanctuary. It is easy for me .. I am older and there are no little ones running around. I think in some way I have always done this. We all need somewhere to relax..a place to feel shake off the chaos of the world. We live in troubled times. I can hardly stand to read the news because of the chaos and violence everywhere.

Our hearts long for peace..we crave it and we need it. Those of us who live in beautiful places are the most fortunate. We can go into nature and get relief from the busyness. If our home is a quiet, peaceful place we can breathe as we walk in the door.. thankful that we can escape the madness. Our souls need quiet for restoration. Our hearts need to rest from the stress of difficult relationships and unhappy people. All of us need to get away from it all..

I hope that you are able to find a quiet place where your heart can be filled. A place to meet with God..a place of restoration..a refuge..a sanctuary. We need some time like this everyday. Time to soak in the fact that God is with us..He loves us..He is carrying us.. He has the future in His hands..He is our comforter and our safe place.

” Be still and know that I am God.”

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