Words of encouragement

You can probably guess that I enjoy words. This morning I was realizing why. Words have so much power.. to do good.. and also to cause pain. It is so important to use words carefully. The wrong use of words can cause relationships to disintegrate. Words build up and words tear down.

God has given us language for a reason. He has left us with many words in the Bible..so many of those words bring encouragement and hope. He communicates His love for us throughout that book. In the psalms we read the words of those who came before..their struggles and their praises to God. I love the honesty of those words. The gospels tell the story of Jesus and the life He lived on earth..His relationship with the disciples..the wisdom He offered to the people.

What a great model of health He was. He spoke His mind and told the truth. It can be difficult to understand all that He was saying because He lived in a totally different culture that existed 2000 years ago. Yet I am certain that God still speaks to us through those very words. He used words to reveal God’s plan for all eternity. .He used words to bring healing.. He used words to expose lies. .He used words to bring comfort. .He used words to give hope for the future. He even used words to prepare his disciples for what He would have to suffer. He knew the power of words and we have the privilege of reading those very words today.

What about the words that you are speaking? Are they words of encouragement and hope? Words of thankfulness and praise? If not.. then maybe you need to hear some new words from God. Words that fill you up..words that build you up.. words that lift you above the circumstances you are facing..words that tell you He is with you.. He loves you..He knows you..He will never leave you.

He has words for you today..either in the book or in some other way. Listen and expect Him to meet you. Our God is amazing.. He desires to fill you with the words of life so that they overflow  to those around you.

” Don’t  use foul or abusive language. Let everything you say be good and helpful, so that your words will be an encouragement to those who hear them.”

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