Where do we find it? In our relationships or in our roles? In our job? In our lifestyle? How about in our bank accounts? Or the condition of our bodies? Our natural inclination to put our value in these things..the culture says they are very important. The problem is that all of them can be gone in an instant and then what? How do we survive the loss?

Our only safe place is in God. His love for us is our safety net when all else fails. The world can be a scary place..the news is not good. Economies all over the world are unstable. People are suffering from disease and natural disasters. Technology makes it easier for us to see the truth. We can read the stories of the injustices and the tragedies every day.

Once we realize that nothing is stable and solid except for God we begin to walk the road that leads us to a place of peace and joy. He is the quiet place in the middle of the storm. He is always available to bring comfort and to soothe us when we are hurting. His presence and His love reach us right where we are. No one else can do that. We have friends and family that love us..but they cannot do for us what God has promised. People fail us. They have their own struggles..they are like us. God is not like us. He is not frail and broken..ever. He is always pouring out His grace on us.

The peace that He promises is never-ending. It is the peace that we all long for. The real thing. It cannot be taken from us. He is the source.. our part is to draw near and to believe that He is with us.. and for us.. that He will rescue us if we need it. Our lives are in Him and He is our hope.

” You are not forgotten.”

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