One of my favorite topics. What does true freedom look like? Is it outside of us or inside? Because we live in a country where freedom is celebrated.. it makes sense to try and grasp it so we can appreciate it. I appreciate the way we have freedom of speech and religion in this country. I am grateful for our laws that protect us and enable us to live freely. All of this is taking place around us..outside of our personal or internal lives. We may live in a free country and yet feel as though we are in bondage.

How is that possible? True freedom comes from being affirmed and accepted for who we truly are. Some of us are missing that. We are still trying to keep up or do better or measure up. We have rules and standards for our behavior that are not attainable. We live in a self-imposed prison. It may be subtle but that does not keep it from being stifling. Life is not about performing at the highest is not about raising the bar higher and higher. Life with God is about knowing we are loved and accepted. The gospel is the story of God’s amazing love for us and how it played out in history. Our stories today are unfolding in the context of that larger story.

Are you experiencing freedom today? As you celebrate the birth of our nation..are you celebrating the birth of a new life that God has given you. Do you realize that He came to set the captives free? His transforming love is as strong as it was 2000 years ago when He interrupted history to turn the world upside down. He is actively at work right now to turn your world upside down. He wants to remove all the obstacles that keep you from being the person He created you to be.

Whatever you sense may be in the way of the transformation..ask Him to remove it. Ask Him to take away the fears and the unbelief. Tell Him that you want all that He has for you..desire to enter move keep be saturated in receive love in all the broken places. He will delight in doing all these things! He is with you.

“Happy 4th of July”

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