More than meets the eye..

We can get so wrapped up in our present struggles that we forget the bigger picture. Our situation may be so challenging and our resources so depleted that we are barely hanging one. A sign that it is time to remember that there is more going on what meets the eye. I love the larger story. The story that surrounds all of our lives. The story that makes the whole thing make sense.

We may be focused on our own small story. That story is often a sad one that we revert to because it is familiar. To be more specific.. I am referring to the times when we say ” I just don’t see how things can get any, a challenging relationship, a new season, church..etc.” We have forgotten God. In the story He has written for us.. it all works out because He is at the center of everything. Not only has He written the story of our lives..He is the hero of that story. His intervention time and time again makes all the difference. Let’s write him back into every “what if ” scenario we can imagine.

Remember that our minds cannot wrap themselves around everything that God is doing behind the scenes for us. He never runs out of energy or ideas..He is never at a loss..His plan cannot be ruined by us or anyone else. He is at work in your life and He will continue to unfold everything at the proper time. Your part is to trust Him and remember the larger story. Close the book on your own smaller story today.. you won’t miss it!

” He works all things for the good of those who love Him.”  Yes..All things….



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