Activity Addiction

I am making up a new term.. at least to me. It seems to be a topic that comes up every day in some way in my life. I know so many people who are so busy they never have time to really make deep relationships. Their lives are always filled with activity. I realize there are seasons when we cannot control the pace of our lives.. we all experience times when life seems to be spinning out of control. If that is the way we live all the time..something needs to change.

We are rewarded for seems to make us feel like we are here for a reason. In the church it is especially true. The person who is involved in everything is often looked at as a role model. So we do and do and do..never stopping to reflect and ponder and realize that we are not here to be busy little bees. God is never in a hurry and He never panics. He takes His time doing things..we all know that one! We wait and pray and it seems like nothing is happening and then suddenly.. the time is right.  His pace is slower.. maybe there is something we can learn from that.

Life is meant to be savoured. We are only here once and that time passes quickly. If our lives are filled with endless activity we will miss the meaningful moments. Those moments when we take the time to look up at the smell the fragrance of a sit quietly and listen to the birds singing their hearts out. The world will keep spinning around you but if you connect to that quiet place you will find yourself closer to the heart of God.

Activity can be a drug.. intoxicating..promising fulfillment..demanding more and more of us. My challenge to you is..stop and be quiet today. Find time to just be.. to pursue your relationship with God in the way that is right for who you are. It may not be sitting still.. it could be walking..reading or even talking. All that matters is that you slow down and stop..intentionally. You might be surprised at what God is saying to you and how little all your activity means to Him. He wants to connect with the real tell you how much He loves you even if you never do another thing for Him.

In return He asks you to:

” Love the Lord God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind.”

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