Today is the middle of the year. For some reason I always remember that when June 30th arrives. The year is half over and so much has already happened since January 1st. Remembering that helps me to realize that many more things will happen before this year is over. Why does this matter? Because like you I tend to have spiritual amnesia. I forget. I forget important things. I forget that God is at work.. life is moving forward..things are always changing..no two days are the same..the future is filled with unexpected surprises..the past is really over..tomorrow is coming..today is amazing..He has been healing me..I have so much to be grateful for..God is good all the time.

So..try to remember some of the things that have happened in your life over the past 6 months. Yes..even the difficult things. Is there evidence that God was with you? Can you see how He took you through the trials? You made it.. right? See.. He is with you..He was there all the time. In every season He is there. So what does that say about the future? He is there already..waiting for you. What new surprises await you in the next six months? Only He knows. There is nothing wrong with finding ways to encourage yourself. We need to have tools.. reflection is a tool. Remembering your story and realizing His sovereignty is a tool. Try it today.

 Celebrate this halfway mark by looking back and being thankful..look ahead  with expectation and anticipation!

” Yes..the Lord has done great things for us!”

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