Three Steps forward..

Have you heard the saying ” three steps forward and two steps backward”? I may be dating myself but that was once used frequently in Christian lingo. I always wondered about it since the visual picture is strange. How much progress can a person make if they are slipping backward all the time. I understand that we all struggle and there are times when it is so difficult to continue on.

Let’s forget that picture and create a new one. In the new picture we are moving forward with God and when we get to a certain point He encourages us and helps us to take that fourth step and not fall back two steps. We are not depending on our own efforts..we are hanging on to Him and believing that He is going to carry us if He needs to. Relying on God instead of ourselves is the key.. it is always the key. You are right that is not easy..but it is possible.

So what exactly is our part? It is to stay close to spend time with Him and ask Him to show us those things that are keeping us from taking that fourth step. Our part is to be honest about our fears and insecurities.. to admit our weaknesses.. to grieve our losses openly.. to be willing to take risks cling to believe in His goodness. What is His part? Everything guide us..protect us..provide for us..amaze us..surprise us..cherish us..encourage us..etc.etc.etc. His part is huge and our part is much smaller than we think.

We have a God that can do the impossible. I have seen it over and over again in my life. He does not run out of ideas for us..He never tires of us..He loves us endlessly..He is very very different from us. Our God is mysterious and beautiful. His ways are nothing like ours. He loves us more than we are able to imagine. When He asks us to do something there is no way He is going to fail to make it possible..our part is to Trust Him. If we struggle with that He continues to provide more evidence of His presence as we seek Him.

What is your next step? It is not going is moving forward. Take all your doubts and fears to Him and ask Him to give you whatever you need right now.

” He knows the plans He has for you.”

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