But what about fear?

Yes.. what about fear. I know all about it. The enemy uses fear to keep us from experiencing the full measure of the life God has for us. He is good at it. If we let it.. fear will immobilize us.. it will keep us from taking risks. Most of our fears are related to the past. We fear the past will repeat itself in some way that will ruin the future. We fear that we cannot do the things that God puts before us. The truth is that the past is not repeating itself.. God is a God of new beginnings. He does not give us assignments and then ask us to handle them.. He supplies us with grace, wisdom, strength, and courage to live in each and every circumstance.

When women come to me for counseling..fear is a huge topic. I often tell them to look at each decision they make and never make one that is based on fear. That works very well for me. I ask myself if I am acting out of fear and if the answer is yes.. then I know without a doubt that I must not. God has not given us a spirit of fear. We have the Holy Spirit.. the spirit of God..He lives in us and He is with us. Let’s decide today to let go of fear based decisions..God does not forces us to trust Him. He is longing to take us out of a fearful place.

Overcoming fear is difficult because it often involves facing our fears. I cannot count the number of times I have been afraid of confronting something.. asking God to remove it.. Guess what? He doesn’t. He says ” let’s go through this together and see what is on the other side.” Every single time this happens my faith grows stronger ..I see new evidence of His sovereignty and I am less fearful. Yes.. He is teaching us to walk into those fearful places so that we experience His presence in new and powerful ways.

Remember.. you are not alone. You are not powerless..You are a child of the living God. He will protect you and guide you. He loves you more than you can imagine and He wants to take you into a season of freedom..freeing you from all your old fears. You are going to be amazed at how good it feels! God will use you in new ways and He will bring new opportunities into your life.

God says over and over in the Bible ” Do not be afraid.”

4 thoughts on “But what about fear?

  1. I needed to read this today – I allow fear to hold me back in so many areas and I know that fear is not from God, yet I allow it to hinder me far too often. I am grateful for new and what appear to be scary opportunities and just need more God inspired confidence to take the steps needed! Thank you Alicia for the encouragement 🙂

  2. You are welcome Juanita.. we are always being challenged to move forward despite our fears. It is not easy. I encourage women to pray for courage.. that has helped me tremendously.

  3. Hmmm. Just what I didn’t want to hear……Sometimes we’re (I) not afraid of failure but afraid of success. I have learned how to deal with disapointments (or failures) far to often in life. We learn how to shuffle the cards again and start over and we become used to it……….But what about true success? It feels good! We all like the feeling of accoplishing our goals, and truthfully thats what we want. But still that little feeling of the unknown. What lies beyond this hurdle, one more, then another and another and still another. But you’re right, like any good competitor we need to stay in the race; at least to finish. And with each new challenge, another race, and with each race success or failure until we have become all that God has created us to become, a blessing to those around us, finacially prosperous (or successfull) “that His covenant may be established”. Leaders in our families and communities that we may teach and train those coming from behind to how to run the race and jump the hurdles along the way………..that His covenant may be established. It’s not about me……It’s about Him and those around me…….Tim

  4. You said something very profound Tim.. we often get wrapped up in our disappointments and it can blind us to the possiblity that the next thing may be something amazing. He is running the race with us.. catching us when we fall. Keep trusting Him and knowing that he wants to renew your hope and help you realize your dreams !


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