” God is with us”.. such powerful words. He is with us.. read it again..He is with us. Yes He is here right now. That is gift we were given through Jesus. We are no longer alone waiting for a sign from God. If you read the Old Testament stories you will see that those people did not have what we have.. Yes God was with them. He rescued them and He gave them signs of His presence.. But we have more. What keeps us from believing this?

There are probably many answers to that question. We may have hearts filled with disappointment. So many things we hoped for have not happened. People who call themselves believers may have broken our heart. We may be waiting a very long time for something that we believe is good.. something that God wants to give us. We may be in pain.. emotional or physical pain. We may be looking for a sign or a miracle. Or we may be filled with unbelief and doubt. All of these things can cloud our minds and hearts.. we may have forgotten all that He has done for us.

Whatever the reason is for feeling distant from God.. the truth is that we are not. HE IS WITH US. He came for us over 2000 years ago and He left the Comforter here to reveal  His presence in our lives.. The Holy Spirit is present to bring wisdom, healing, comfort, strength .. whatever you need at any moment. We are not fact we are never alone.. God is close. His hand is on you. He is holding you. He has not forsaken you. Look inside and discover what is keeping you from believing this.. ask Him to show you.. take your doubts to Him. Allow Him to uncover your wounds and bring healing to those deep places. Move toward Him.

“He is the same.. yesterday, today, and tomorrow.”

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