Continuing on..

Our culture is very complicated and very busy.. too busy. We are constantly being pulled into a whirlwind of constant activity.. it is life in American in the 21st century. No time to just be. No time to reflect. No time to feel or think without being interrupted. No time to build deep relationships. No time to return that phone call.. to get together with that friend. No time to think about the things that really mean something.. We are running, moving, going.. all the time.

This is all very dangerous when it comes to living a life of faith. Developing a deep faith takes time. Time spent alone..with God. Time when we cry out to Him. Time when we listen for some word from Him. Time that is not filled up with worry and anxiety. God wants to speak to us.. to lead us.. to encourage us.. to fill us.. to renew us.. to teach us to hear His voice.. to recognize His ways of speaking into our lives. He wants to interrupt our busyness to be near us.. to become more real to us.

There is a peaceful place that can become our refuge in this chaotic world. He is there. A place where we are protected and safe. In His presence we can find strength to for our weary hearts..healing for our wounds..a place to lay down our burdens. He is calling out to you..longing for you..

” Come to me all who are weary and heavy laden..find rest for your soul.”

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