There is a song that says ” in the stillness you are there.” When the activities cease and we are quiet.. He is there. We have the opportunity to draw near and to be real with Him. The stillness can remind us that we are in pain, or that we are grieving. We need these quiet moments to get in touch with what is going on inside our hearts. Activity can be an escape..being too busy to feel our own feelings.

There is healing in being quiet. In the church we are told how to have a “quiet time” or to do “devotions.” The truth is there is no one that can teach you how to do these things. Your personality and your life will be the guide to your personal moments with God. Bring yourself to Him exactly as you are.. no pretense, no pride, no fake humility..just you being you with Him. It is very simple. He longs to know you better and as you allow Him in.. you will know Him better.

God’s love embraces us at every moment. He is never tired of us. He is not judging us.. that was taken care of by His son. He looks at us and sees a beautiful child that He created. Love and grace flow from His Father’s heart to yours. He longs to fill you with living water. Life giving water that will wash away the pain and disappointments of this world. He knows your journey and will bring renewal and refreshment to your weary heart as you spend time with Him. Find out what that means for you.. try just sitting with Him or walking and talking with Him. Let Him lift the heavy burdens from your shoulders and take you by the hand into the stillness..the quiet place. He is there waiting for you.

“Be still and know that I am God.”

One thought on “Stillness

  1. Isaiah 30:15 “In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quiteness and trust is your strength. And you would have none of it.”

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