Removing the chains

Yes.. all of us have chains that need to be removed. Every person’s chains look different. Some of us are in bondage to performance ..or to rules.. or to achievement.. or to people..or to food.. or to drugs..or to service. Many of us are in bondage to money. We may not think we are, but often that is how the chains keep us from moving into freedom. They seem harmless or even beneficial. After all as believers shouldn’t we perform well? or care about others? Aren’t we supposed to be responsible.. reliable.. helpful? That is the trap.

God has more for us than living a well-ordered life. A life that says we have it together and we look good on the outside. He is after our hearts. His goal is to transform us into His image. How? By the  power of the Holy Spirit.. He wants to give us a bigger revelation of His grace.. As this happens we begin to focus on Him.. not on how well we are doing. He wants to breathe life into us.. life that brings transformation. Suddenly He is bigger than we ever imagined.

Many of us have old ideas that we need to shake off. We may have learned them at home or in church or from other believers. Ideas that make God small and make us huge. We may believe that it is up to us to figure out our own lives.. Impossible!  We may believe that the road to eternity is paved with good works.. Wrong! We may be believe that we must conjure up enough faith every day to live the Christian life.. Terrifying! God has a plan for our lives and He invites us into that plan. Faith is a gift from Him.. Grace overflows from the heart of God.

Are you struggling today? Do you think you must measure up to some impossible standard? Are you trying to live the life in your own power? Is your God too small? Now is the time to take all these ideas to Him and let Him fill you with the truth. He loves you completely with an undying love. You are perfect in His sight. If you never did another thing.. He would continue to love you unconditionally. He is pursuing you to remove the chains of legalism and invite you into a deeper experience of His grace.. Run as fast as you can into your Father’s arms. 

“As a result, you can show others the goodness of God, for He called you out of the darkness into the wonderful light.”

2 thoughts on “Removing the chains

  1. Alicia,

    I love your blogs. I can see your face and hear your voice as I read them. You are such an encouragement telling me to press forward…to know and to love Jesus.

    Much love,


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