Our Father..

Today is Father’s day. This day can trigger all kinds of things in each of us. If you have or had a father who was very present in your life.. one who played an important role.. than you are very fortunate. Fathers are very important.. they help us understand that we are valued and they teach us that there is always someone to take care of us. Not all earthly fathers measure up in this area. Many are not present either physically or emotionally. Many fail to provide for us.. some are better at causing us pain.. some never grew up and cannot take care of themselves or anyone else.

So.. here we are on a day when we celebrate our fathers.. suppose we cannot do this. What is the next step? We have another choice.. we can celebrate our Father in heaven today. He is the father who never fails, He cherishes us, He adores us, He provides for us, He will never abandon us, He is with us. He was the one who took you through the impossible when you were growing up. He shed tears over you when you were hurting. His heart broke when your earthly father failed. He knew you fully from the day you were born and He is right next to you at this very moment.

Everyone deserves a great father.. a perfect father.. We have that father in God. Just look at His son.. how perfectly He took care of him and He loves us just as much.

We are safe in His arms able to rest..trust..relax..believe..love..enjoy..laugh..and cry. Take everything to Him today and let Him be the father you always wanted.. He is longing for you.

” You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother’s womb.”

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