I love devotional books.. short passages that encourage and inspire us to put our focus on God. Devoting time to Him.. remembering Him.. realizing that He is the center. He draws us through passages of scripture and thoughts written by great writers. God is always drawing us to Himself.. always reaching out to us.

His devotion to us is often much greater than our devotion to Him. All day long we are surrounded by reminders of His presence. Walk outside right now and I know you will see something He made.. you will notice something beautiful that He created. Think about the things that happened over the last week and you will see how He used someone to encourage you. He is continually revealing Himself through our circumstances, our surroundings, and through people. Our God is every present.. always moving towards us and forever drawing us to His heart.

No.. our devotion to Him can never match His devotion to us.. He knows that.  He wants to reveal Himself to us and as we make an effort to draw near to Him.. to encounter Him.. to focus on Him and His presence.. He will encourage us by affirming our efforts and showing us that He is pleased with us.

 Take time today to move toward Him.. to just be in His presence .. He will help you discover new ways of deepening your walk with Him. He is devoted to you and His plan is to transform you into someone who loves like He loves.. someone who gives like He gives.. someone who knows who they are in Him and can bring encouragement to others.

” I also pray that you will understand the incredible greatness of God’s power for us who believe in Him.”

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