Funny sounding word when you say it over and over.. isn’t it? That word brings joy to my heart. I admit that I love sweet things.. I drink sweet tea every morning and never turn down a cookie. Just thinking about sweetness can make me smile. There are times when the I feel like it is the only word that fits. Some people have a sweet spirit.. they are gentle and loving. I am fortunate enough to be related to a family of very sweet people.. genuinely caring.. and thoughtful. They remind me of  the sweetness of our God.

We may think of Him as powerful, mighty, awesome, and great. All these words describe Him but there is another side to His character. He is gentle, caring, thoughtful, and tender. There is a place in the Bible where we read about His “sweet fragrance.” When we smell a rose or get a whiff of a jasmine flower we are reminded of Him. He created these beautiful sweet flowers.. think of a gardenia.. its amazing smell can take your breath away. He made that for you. Every time you taste something sweet or see something beautiful or smell a wonderful fragrance it is an opportunity to remember Him.

The sound of running water in a fountain.. the way the clouds look on one of those days when they are white and fluffy… the finches singing away on a summer morning. These are all gifts for you from your Father that adores you.. Your sweet Jesus that would do anything for you. He remembers what you like and what matters to you. Look for these reminders of His presence today. He is pursuing you to bring you in closer to His heart.. it is a safe place filled with all your favorite things..

The Lord in my Shepherd.. I have all I need. He lets me rest in green meadows and He leads me beside peaceful waters.”

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