Where did He go..?

Yes.. I am talking about God. Just exactly where is He when I really need Him. He seems far away and distant…just when I feel like I need Him the most.. He seems to be too busy with someone else or hiding from me. What is going on when this happens? Did God disappear? Is He missing?

No.. He has not moved..He has not changed..He did not go away. He is close and He is right where He should be.. HE  IS WITH YOU! So I would guess you are wondering why you feel so alone.. why it is so difficult to feel close to Him. There is no simple answer to this question. Writers often call this type of season ” the dark night of the soul.” All believers experience this.. we feel like the Israelites wandering in the desert. We begin to wonder if we made a mistake following this invisible God. We wonder if we should return to slavery because this journey is so dangerous and risky.. everything is taking too long. Why can’t we just reach our destination and be safe?

Have you had these thoughts? I have.. many times.. I am reminded of the words to a song “I just want this waiting to be over..” But God is in the waiting.. He is after something.. He wants your full attention while you are waiting and wondering what He is up to. This is the time to ask Him to do deep things in you. This is the season to pursue greater intimacy with Him. He may want to show you the barriers that are keeping you from trusting Him.. He may ask you to remove idols in your life .He may desire to stretch your faith so that you can follow Him when you cannot see a foot in front of you. He may be longing to bring healing to your broken heart.

One thing I can tell you for sure.. during times of waiting, discouragement, darkness, and uncertainty He wants to become your ALL in ALL. He wants you to discover that He loves you with an undying love. He wants to rescue you.. He wants you to know that His love for you is more amazing than you ever imagined. He wants to take you by the hand and lead you as you leave that wilderness place and come into the wonderful light.

 Jesus said ” This is the only work God wants from you: Believe in the one He has sent.”

2 thoughts on “Where did He go..?

  1. such encouraging words. Thanks so much for your faithfulness in writing. I read every one of them and am always blessed! Love you my dear!!

  2. Thanks Merrill.. I appreciate the affirmation. I love doing this blog and it is so good hear that you are blessed by it.
    love you too.. Alicia

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