Redemptive Moments

Life is full of these. Times when we see how God has redeemed us. He turns things around so the very things that threaten to destroy us.. bring life to us. Romans 8:28 speaks of God’s ability to use everything for the good of those He loves. Nothing is wasted. It may be difficult to believe that when we are in the middle of a trial.. if we reflect on our history we will see that this truth is revealed in our lives.

Some of us have endured long seasons of disappointment. Maybe most of our lives have been difficult and we are growing weary. It is easy when this happens to just believe that if we can trudge through this life.. we will rejoice in the next. But that is not God’s plan. The moment we came into relationship with Him we entered the Kingdom of God. Right here and right now. Our life here matters.. it is a gift.. a blessing.. an amazing opportunity. If you have ever seen anyone die you know how final it is.. at least on this side. Life is here and then gone.

God is actively working in your life today. He is taking you by the hand and leading you down a path. You have choices as this happens. The biggest choice we make over an over again is to  shrink back or to embrace the next step. I promise you that if you take His hand and agree with Him that you want more life.. He will meet you in amazing ways. If you need courage..ask for it.. pray for those things you are lacking.. strength, endurance, grace, mercy, hope.. But do not give up…. around the next corner could be the greatest redemptive moment of your life.

“My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts,says the Lord. And my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine.”

One thought on “Redemptive Moments

  1. This is a wonderful word! I completely agree-God cares about our life right now!! What amazing hope and encouragement that brings to know!! Thanks for the reminder.

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