The Winds of Change

Last night the wind was blowing through our valley.. knocking plants off the ledge of our balcony.. nothing broke but everything was being blown around. My husband reminded me that these were the winds of change. I may have written about them before.. but I think we need to be reminded. When God moves in our lives He brings change. Our circumstances may change, our plans may change, but most of all.. we need to change. He intervenes and in order to keep on track we have to let go of things that we thought were going to happen. It doesn’t mean they never will.. but His timing may be different from ours.

He is constantly at work in this world. His fingerprints are on everything around us. He takes us through experiences that cause us to question our lives. What is happening God? But I thought? What if ? We are full of questions. If you are anything like can feel very out of control. Those of us who like our ducks in a row are running around madly chasing all those disobedient little chicks! God waits and waits until we run to Him saying.. OK what is it you are doing here?

Finally when we are tired and drained we turn to Him. We ask Him for what we need and He is delirious..overjoyed..ready and willing to meet us. His heart for us is huge.. He is able to renew our encourage us at every meet our every need. His plan is that we turn to Him over and over. His desire is that we run into His arms.. crying out to Him. He wants to include us in everything He is doing.. He wants to comfort us in the midst of the chaos. He wants to teach us about Himself. He loves us and He is with us.

“I will answer them before they even call to me. While they are still talking about their needs, I will go ahead and answer their prayer!”

2 thoughts on “The Winds of Change

  1. What timing!(God’s timing ROCKS, sometimes quite literally) Just yesterday I was talking with someone at work who is having to step in and pull graduation together for the school. She mentioned needing to get all her ducks in a row – so I told her I would pray for her ducks (got a chuckle)… good visual for my praying… and went to Craig’s Warehouse and brought her graduation rubber duckies and a muffin top for nourishment as God brings it all together.
    Yay God for bringing the winds of change, keeping our focus on You rather than trying to keep afloat in the pond on our own. You are our Sustainer, our Life Preserver!

  2. Suz.. your comment is really amazing.. I wondered why God wanted me to use the ducks in a row today.. I was sure that He put that one on my heart.. it made me laugh thinking about chasing all the little yellow ducks and trying to make them stand in a row.. a great picture of my need to control the impossible.. So glad you are reading my blog.

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