Our past holds keys to our present and our future. Understanding or unraveling the past can shine light into the dark places. God will use our present circumstances to prompt us to remember those things that have happened in the past.. not because He wants to torture us.. but because He wants to set us free. We all have stories.. our lives are stories. My life is a long story because I am a grandmother. As I reflect on the different chapters in my life I see how each one is connected to the next one. One thing led to another. Understanding this helps me to see why I made certain choices and some very big mistakes.

So why is this so important? All this understanding enables me to forgive myself and to forgive others.. it takes me into a deeper level of freedom. God has this for you too! He wants to bring out into the light everything that you have hidden.. both from yourself and others. He wants to bring truth into the past and show you what really happened and why.. it will bring you out of shame and into a place of acceptance. Unless we were born yesterday we are all ashamed of something. We all have regrets. We all wish we could go back and change things. We cannot.. but we can live more fully right now.

God wants to use us and our stories to help others. His desire is to give us opportunities to share so we can help those around us.. maybe they will be saved from a terrible mistake.. maybe they will not feel so alone.. maybe your story will bring healing to their lives. Your story is important.. pray it through.. ask for understanding and insight into your life.. press in for answers.. move into forgiveness and crave freedom. He wants to use you to shine His light into the dark places.. to set the captives free! He is the healer..

Jesus said “Daughter.. your faith has made you well. Go in peace.”

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