” An undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks; the encountering of risks;an exciting or remarkable experience” These are some of the definitions I found when I looked up the word “adventure.” Since we often refer to life with God using this word I thought it would be interesting to discover its true meaning. Do you see the word “risk”? It is a key part of the definition. You cannot have an adventure without it.. so if you want to live life with the God of the universe.. risks are necessary. Sometimes they seem crazy and counter intuitive.

There is no doubt that God takes risks.. look at creation. He gave people free will! The Bible is full of stories where the lead character has to venture out to follow God. When we do the same our faith is stretched.. we  come out of our comfort zone and trust that He is with us. We may not be natural risk takers.. but He wants us to become adventurers with Him. We are secure as we move forward because He is ahead of us. He is clearing the way and removing obstacles that we will never see. He goes before us.. He shines light on the dark path.

We may try to keep ourselves safe.. but in this world that is impossible. We live in an insecure world. The news is filled with one crisis after another.. one tragedy after another. Things are spinning out of control.. but we are safe. He is our safe place. Because of this we are free to take the next step in our own personal adventure with the living God. He will not leave us and He has promised to provide all that we need in every circumstance.

“However, we are not the kind who shrink back and are destroyed; on the contrary, we keep trusting and thus preserve our lives!”

He has prepared the way for you!

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