Full Circle

There are moments in our lives when God brings us full circle..when we get a unique glimpse of the journey. The patterns of our lives are not random. It may feel like there is no meaning to the present season.. but I have discovered that He wants to show us the bigger picture. Over the last year God has been speaking to me about coming out of the wilderness. This is the place where we wander.. cannot see our destination.. where we struggle to keep trusting.. where our future is very unclear.. a place where we learn to trust God in deeper ways because He is all we have. No one chooses to enter the wilderness. We all long to be released into the promised land..

As we begin to glimpse the purposes of this season..we see God at work.. He is preparing us and equipping us for what lies ahead. His desire is to mature us.. to build a strong foundation in us.. to teach us about Himself so that we are able to thrive no matter where we are. There is no easy way to learn these things. There are no shortcuts through the wilderness. The Israelites complained against God as they kept looking back.. this may have lengthened their journey. A good reminder to us… 

As a difficult season is ending God wants to give you insight into this time. He  will show that it was all necessary because of the faith that He wanted to build in you. Every season of suffering has a purpose.. to draw you closer to the heart of your Father. He is will release you.. He is not going to keep you in this time any longer than He needs to. He is leading you to the promised land.. the land of milk and honey.. He wants to bring you to a place where you can receive all the good gifts He has for you.. but first He wants you to know Him and to trust Him with your life.. regardless of the season.

” Yet I am confident I will see the Lord’s goodness while I am in the land of the living.”

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