He quiets the storm..

I keep thinking about life and how it is so often a series of storms. Some smaller and less intense than others..some huge and out of control. There are calm places between the storms. Places where we can rest for a short time.. slow down.. fill up.. break away. The truth is we never know how long these breaks are.. I usually want them to last for longer than they do.. I ask God for a plateau.. a time when nothing much is happening. Lately I hear Him saying “I am that place. Come to me and let me carry you through these storms..rest in Me.” I remember a song from the past..”He is my hiding place..”  Yes Lord.. I will rest in you.. You are my hiding place.

He is our sanctuary from the storm. He is the place in the eye of the storm where all is calm and peaceful. His can lift us above the storm.. Another song comes to mind “You lift me up..” It is true He lifts us up above the storms that threaten to take us down. He never promises to stop them..In fact He warns us “In this world you will have trouble..” Pretty definite isn’t it? Yes we will have trials, struggles, conflict, disappointment, and pain. He is our safe place.. I love that. Our safe place.. Wow.. We have a safe place that we can run to anytime we need it!

Let’s meet there today.. in our safe place.. together.. with Him.

“He calmed the storm to a whisper and stilled the waves. What a blessing was that stillness as He brought them safely into harbor.”

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