Divine Intervention

It happens so often.. we might even miss it. We go about our lives and then something happens that shakes our world. Suddenly we find ourselves praying and asking God to do something. Maybe we just want Him to make it all go away.. but that is rarely the case. Often He wants to do something in us… to intervene through us.. to show us a new way of navigating our situation. I was reminded of that this morning.. realizing how many challenges I have been facing and how each time I thought ” there is no way out” God did something. He provided an answer.. He met me in the middle of the impossible.. He came through in an unexpected way.

Divine intervention is God showing up in some way that we could never imagine.. It may not look like a big miracle at the time but in reality every time we are rescued it is a miracle. We live in very challenging times. The world is confusing and overwhelming. It is easy for us to become weary and discouraged and fearful. Just read the news for five minutes and you can begin to wonder .. what could possibly be next? Yet in the midst of this 21st century craziness our God is the same.

He comes for us.. He sees us.. He knows us and He intervenes for us. Our part is to ask.. seek.. desire.. pursuing wisdom, understanding, and answers when we need them. Often at the last moment.. just when we feel like giving up.. He is present and we are released. A friend calls this “His grand entrance.” I love that expression.

Trust Him today with your challenges and take your weariness to Him.. He is waiting to refresh you and to remind you of His faithfulness.

Then Jesus said.. “Let’s go off by ourselves to a quiet place and rest awhile.”


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