Waves of Grief

I am in a season of grief and I know it. Grief can rear its head at the most inconvenient times.  I studied the grief process for years.. took classes in it at Seminary and read every book I could find that would help me to understand it. Yet every time it comes again.. it surprises me with its intensity. Grieving is hard work.. it drains our energy and it takes time. Our culture does not give much thought to grief and there is almost no mention of it from the pulpits of our churches. How strange.. everyone experiences it over and over again throughout their lives

When we grieve we find ourselves not only grieving the present loss but losses from the past as well. Sometimes our present loss is deeper and more complicated than we realize. We may be grieving the loss of a dream, a happy ending, an outcome that is no longer possible. We may finally realize a relationship that we hoped for is not going to happen here. Our hearts have to let go.. we need help with this. God’s grace is the only thing that enables us to truly process these losses.

Grief is a journey. It unfolds and it is not linear. Everyone grieves differently but each of us experiences loss in many different ways. At times we may be angry, sad, depressed, confused, tired, even hungry.. There is no road map. Grief can knock us over like a giant wave coming out of nowhere. Suddenly we are under water wondering what happened.. Our tears allow the grief to get outside our bodies and we begin to move forward. Without  tears , we can get stuck .. filled with unresolved grief.. a dangerous place to be.

As you walk down the road of life don’t neglect the grief process.. don’t underestimate its value. Take time to feel your feelings.. to process your losses.. to ask God for healing. It is normal and natural to experience loss.. to need time to heal.. to cry.. The Lord created us to grieve and He uses these times to bring healing to our broken hearts.. He understands the pain and moves into it with us.

“Jesus wept”

2 thoughts on “Waves of Grief

  1. You are absolutely right Alicia. Grieving is hard work. I am sorry you are in the depths of it right now. I will pray.
    Love you much!

  2. Hi Alicia, this really struck a cord with me. There is a saying in a program I have been involved in for a few years now that goes like this- (halt) hungry, angry, lonely, tired. Jesus wept, this is the 2nd time I’ve been reminded of that in the past couple of weeks. j. kenneth eakins wrote a book, long shadows, was the 1st I read Jesus wept. Gods grace is amazing. Love you, Cheryl

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