I love this word.. it is beautiful. The sound of it reminds me of water washing over the hurting places in my heart. God’s grace is the outpouring of His spirit on us when we need it the most. His grace makes it possible for us to walk through dark places without fear. His grace comes from people as they love us and encourage us and forgive us. Some definitions call it unmerited favor.. It is so much more than that.

God’s grace is revealed in all the ways He loves us.. in His people.. in His every breath we take.. Our very lives are lived within His grace. It laid the foundation for the world.. He created everything as an act of grace. His giving, loving, caring, forgiving… His mercy, goodness and faithfulness all reveal aspects of this grace. We live each day in grace.. it fills the up every empty space around us. What an amazing thing.. No wonder the song Amazing Grace has continued to be performed all over the world by so many people. Everyone is drawn in by grace.. love that is given without condition.. love that pursues and love that endures.

Let’s rest in His grace today.. leaving behind the pressures of this life for a moment. Taking deep breaths as we realize that He is able to restore us and renew us. Our love for Him exists because of His grace towards us.. as Calvin said..” it is irresistible.”

I absolutely love His grace.. Don’t you?

“We love Him because He first loved us.”

Grace overflowing...

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